In this article, we will describe how apartments and private houses in residential complexes are equipped and what accompanying features exist.

 For many tourists and new arrivals of foreign residents of the Dominican Republic, it may turn out to be an unexpected discovery of the common layout, both apartments and houses. Often, most residential apartments have a living room, which is not considered a room, like, for example, a separate dressing room or household rocks (pantry). Most of the bedrooms have a private bathroom, in addition to this, the house may have one or more exits to the balcony or terrace, arranged under a cozy relaxation area. It is worth noting that some residential areas provide a separate room for domestic workers or nannies.

The territories of the complexes are fenced and are under round-the-clock protection. Each apartment has a parking space, and as a rule, there is a communal pool and barbecue area, which are served by the local administration.